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Lost: The Last Episodes (Original Television Soundtrack)

Категория: Саундтрек
Язык: Мультиязычный
подробности :
Episode The Candidate
(Диск 1: Дорожки 1-5)
"Cage Crashers"         
"Shephard's Why"     
"SS Lost-tanic"     
 "Flew The Coop"

Episode Across the Sea
(Диск 1: Дорожки 6-12)
"Across the Sea"     
"Don't Look At The Light"     
"A Brother's Quarrel"     
 "Make Like A Tree"     
"Mother of a Plan"     
 "Mother of Sorrows"     
"Love is Stronger Than Death"

Episode What They Died For
(Диск 1, Дорожки 13-20)
"Cereal Experience"     
"The Four Amigos"     
"And Walk And Talk And Aah!"     
"Hide and Snitch"     
 "A Better Ben"     
"What They Died For"     
"Jack's Cup Runneth Over"
"Get Out Of Jail Free Card"

Episode The End
(Диск 2 полностью, Дорожки 1-23)
"The Stick With Me Speech"   
"Ultrasonic Flash"     
"Fly By Dire"   
 "Down The Hobbit Hole"   
"Dysfunctional Setup"     
"The Well Of Holes"   
"Pulling Out All The Stops"     
"Blood From a Locke"     
"Our Lady of Perpetual Labor"   
"If A Tree Falls"   
 "Locke v. Jack"     
"Can't Keep Locke Down"     
"The Long Kiss Goodbye"     
"We Can Go Dutch"   
"Kate Flashes Jack"   
"Hurley's Coronation"     
 "The Hole Shabang"     
"Jumping Jack's Flash"     
"Moving On"


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